January is at an end. Did our team reach their goals?

Elaine E: Dear reader I failed. Dancing in the Dark has not yet been sent off to my publisher. It is now a completed draft but not yet in a fit state to show to anyone. However, I won two extra article commissions and I did manage to write two short stories that are ready to send on their way to magazines around the world. Two RNA events, as well as the first month working on the RNA blog with Natalie, kept me busy. A meeting during the month may well lead to exciting news that I can share with you in future months.

Elaine R: Having read the 25,000 words of my third novel, I have re-organised my chapter breakdown and the novel, so they are now in line with each other, consequently I have added a further 6,355 words. I have written a short story and submitted it to a woman’s magazine, as well as writing my blog article and answering the comments readers made. I finished the book I was reading and it has given me a fresh perspective for my own writing.

 Francesca: January’s been a little slower on the writing front than I would have liked. I decided on a plot change around for the current novel, which has meant rearranging other parts. On top of that, I’ve added another 3,000 words. I finally wrote out a chapter breakdown which I normally do before hand, but under the pressure of NaNoWriMo I didn’t get to do it. My previous novel, Ten Years Later, is doing a new round of competitions and publishers. I’ve also scribbled lots of ideas for new short stories, have been rewriting some old ones and currently have four stories ‘out there’

 Natalie: This month has seen a great start to the year for me. During the first week I sold two short stories with a third following on the 22nd January. I’ve added six and a half thousand words to my novel and submitted nine stories to magazines. Having undertaken this and the RNA Blog, neither on my own thank goodness, I’m finding it far less daunting and much more enjoyable than I’d anticipated. It could of course be something to do with the fact that I love writing.

 Vivien: Did I achieve my planned 10,000 words? Sadly my novel only progressed by a pitiful 500 – but I did complete two commissioned articles for a nursery magazine (3000), two brand new short stories (5000) and one article (1300) which have been submitted to women’s magazines, and rewrites of seven previously rejected stories (2000+ added). I won another commission too, for an article/children’s poem, and made two story sales on the same day! As to the fate of my characters and why the novel came to a halt – find out in my next blog post, coming soon.

 Well done ladies. Let’s see how February fares for our busy writers. Have a good month!

3 thoughts on “HOW WAS YOUR MONTH?

  1. It’s great to see how hard we’ve all worked, you don’t realise until reading everyones accomplishments. Well done ladies.

    • Well done all round. You’re a formidable force to be reckoned with. Elaine E, 2 articles and 2 stories are not to be sneezed at. Elaine R. novel writing, story, blog AND reading – good going. Francesca, plot change, rewriting, revamping old stories, busy woman. Natalie, it would take my monthly word count to list your achievements, so I’ll just say congratulations. Vivian, articles, stories reclaimed and stories sold – ad you’ve left us with a cliff hanger!. What can I say? I wish I’d managed a quarter of your output. I’ve sent off a few stories and pitched my novel. I wish you all as much success in March.

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