The WMWP writers consider their February goals and writing spaces.

1. What are your goals for February?

Elaine E: A busy month. I’m researching an area of England and what happened there during WW2. My research needs to be threaded through the notes of my basic plot. February sees this turned into a proper outline, timeline and chapter breakdown and hopefully a few chapters will be written as well.

Elaine R: Choosing a feel positive February, my goals are to finish editing my second novel, Taking It Back, and send it to publishers/agents. I’ll add 10,000 words to my third novel. This’ll mean three quarters completed in its first draft. I will continue to write and submit one short story a month.

Francesca: I want to have half of the rest of my current novel written by the end of the month.  This would constitute about 20,000 words, which in itself is more than doable, but I also want to get more short stories written and submitted. And there are some good competitions coming up.

Natalie: I am still waiting for the return of my manuscript from the publisher so I can begin editing. In the meantime I am continuing with my new novel and focussing on short stories. I’d like to get as many as I can out there before the book comes back and takes over.

Vivien: I have cleared the decks as far as non-fiction commissions are concerned, so February is going to be a fiction month for me. If a short story idea comes I will write it, but my novel will take priority, and I hope to really move it forwards this month.

2.Where do you write and does it vary with the time of year?

Elaine E: My workstation is in a corner of our large bedroom. I have my main computer, files, reference books and stationery to hand. However, I seem to be on my laptop at the kitchen table most days. Meanwhile, a spare bedroom is begging to be turned into my study once hubby has removed all the essential junk.

Elaine R: There aren’t many places in my home I haven’t worked, except maybe the little girl’s room. I’m lucky to have a spare bedroom with a view of my garden, which gives me inspiration. It’s where I go for solitude. I often work in front of the television, because I like company.

Francesca: I’m lucky to have a purpose-built study in the house which contains all my writing stuff. I’ve variously worked at the dining room table and in the playroom. In the summer I like to take my laptop outside on the decking under a very large parasol. I’m looking forward to that!

Natalie: Our third bedroom was turned into a study to give me space and silence to write – I can’t write with noise going on around me – but it feels somewhat claustrophobic so now I invariably write at the dining room table. What some people would give! Spare study anyone?

Vivien: I am lucky enough to have a ‘bedless’ spare bedroom to write in, and big plans to re-organise it and install new furniture. In the summer I do try writing in the garden but the sun on the laptop screen is a problem, so I usually just end up reading instead (great for market research!)

writing in garden


  1. I’ve always wanted to be able to work outside in the summer. I try it every year but I just can’t see the screen and pencil and paper doesn’t work for me. Unfortunately it means that sometimes (ahem) I may be sitting in the garden when I should be inside working.

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