Words Wot We Wrote!

Welcome to the June posts from the WriteMindsWritePlace ladies.

This month we are looking at our own writing, how we plan our working days and how many hours each week we dedicate to our writing.

You will see that we all work in different ways and hope this will help those new to writing who wonder if there is a correct way to work as a writer – there isn’t!

We also look at the ways we split our time between actually writing, the admin associated with the job amd also promotion of our work.

We will also be reflecting on the goals we made at the beginning of 2014. We are almost halfway through the year so lets see if the WMWP ladies are keeping up with their goals.

It’s been an exciting time for most of us and I know we have all been working hard. Why not post a comment and tell us how your writing life is panning out?

So, over to my fellow writers to tell you something about their writing life.


June 2nd      Natalie Kleinman

June 8th       Elaine Roberts

June 14th     Elaine Everest

June 21st      Francesca Burgess

June 27th     Viv Hampshire


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