We Were Just Chatting…

Francesca and I were chatting about the hobbies we’ve had in the past and present and it was only when I looked back that I realised mine were all solitary activities. knitting-bak

I used to make my own clothes, in the days before the low priced high street retailers. Choosing crocheting over knitting; I could never knit quickly enough although my mother was able to knit at lightning speed.

546px-CrosswordUK.svgAll word games have always given me immense pleasure. I can remember as a child writing the word Constantinople on a piece of paper and seeing how many words I could make out of it. The words had to be at least four letters long.

Reading was always the greatest pleasure of all. It was not unusual for me to get caught reading under the blankets with a torch when I should have been asleep. My mother worried about how much reading I did, instead of being out in the fresh air playing but that was never for me, and strangely enough it still isn’t.

Nowadays, while I still love to read, all my free time is spent with either my family or writing. report_writingWhile I love writing, I also hate it at the same time, which sounds a little strange. It makes me wonder why I persist with it. The answer is simple, I can’t help myself, it’s like a drug with the highs and the frustrating lows.

You would think from that list that I was a lonely child/adult and at times you would be correct but for best part, I think I’m quite self-sufficient. Maybe it comes from being born into a military family and moving around every couple of years.

What do you think Francesca, do you like your own company or are your hobbies more group based?

Thank you, Elaine, for sharing that. I’d say that some of my hobbies are solitary, others communal.

Writing is my very oldest hobby. Ten years ago I started participating on a Lord of the Rings forum, and writing fanfic for it. I enjoyed it immensely. It was one of the things, along with finding a creative writing class, that got me back into writing, and eventually submitting.

HobbiesOf my other hobbies, Italian has been dominant. I wasn’t raised bilingually, but joined a class as an adult. I did that for well over twenty years, gaining a GCSE and an A level. I still meet up with those friends and we have cultural trips out – often with an Italian connection.

The ‘piano badly’ is an instrument I play expertly! I had lessons as a child and have owned a piano most of my life. My father was a proficient violinist, guitarist and mandolin player. That musical gene has made my children much better musicians than me. Between them they play piano, guitar, bass, mandolin, flute, saxophone and drums. The girls are ten times better on the piano than me, and they’ve never had lessons. But tickling the ivories is a good way to relax. I have also been known to clear a room with my recorder!family tree

I took up knitting again recently and have been teaching myself crochet. I like quick patterns these days, so it’s big needles and chunky wool for me. I used to sew, in fact, I made my wedding dress and a Christening gown. I would not recommend it!

I also dabble with genealogy, that is to say, I can spend hours on end on Ancestry.co.uk. I find the social history side of it absolutely fascinating.

Music is the only one of my interests I’ve never covered in a story or novel. I’ll have to put that right some time.

11 thoughts on “We Were Just Chatting…

  1. Elaine, I totally relate to your comment about writing being a drug.
    As for you, Francesca, I had absolutely no idea you came from a musical family. Just thinking about all the sing-songs we could have had…could still have

  2. Thought-provoking. My pursuits are solitary. As a child I read everything I could get my hands on. I sewed all my children’s clothes and mine, knitted, embroidered and have recently attempted crochet. Always, always there was the writing. About five years ago I discovered a writing group, friendship and my life opened up. Best of both worlds; friends and solitude.

  3. Moya, it’s quite interesting to read what other people have had as hobbies, I wonder if it’s a generation thing? I work with younger people who don’t know how to sew on a button, which I find unbelievable but I suppose it could be a sign of our times. That’s me showing my age!
    Elaine Roberts

    • Well, apparently knitting is making a resurgence. Sewing buttons is so last year:-) Nowt wrong with showing (or even telling) your age. Say it loud and proud.

  4. I’ve come late to this, but thoroughly enjoyed reading it. i have no real hobbies, writing is a kind of default activity, and my passions are politics, travel and the environment. I read constantly and eclectically and love music, although totally devoid of any ability.

    • Thank you, Angela, I’m glad you enjoyed our blog post. Maybe your passions could be called ‘interests’ rather than hobbies. Either way, they add up to the same thing: a way to enjoy spare time. We all need to do that.

  5. It’s good to hear from you Angela. I agree with you Francesca, anything that gives you enjoyment in your spare time is the same thing, unless it’s criminal of course! I wish I had more time for my hobbies but life and writing seem to have taken over. Elaine Roberts

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