Elaine Bit The Bullet

You know, after interviewing and reading Wendy Clark’s blog post last week, it got me thinking about how my life has changed in the last three years.

report_writingThree years ago I was writing for my own pleasure, with no expectations of really being published. Then my son had a very, very long telephone conversation with Mr Everest, husband of Elaine Everest who is the proprietor of The Write Place. I was duly sent along a couple of weeks later, terrified of mixing with people who had short stories published and were actively working on novels. I was like a fish out of water, they read their work out and they were all so talented. The physical feeling of nausea was real. For all of that, I survived!

With Elaine’s and other class member’s guidance, I have had more experiences than I knew shelf 2existed. I attended the Discovery Day held at Foyles in London, another terrifying experience, pitching my novel to an agent in thirty seconds. I joined the Romantic Novelist Association (RNA) two years ago and have enjoyed everything that goes with that. The New Writer’s Scheme (NWS) and the critique that comes with it is worth its weight in gold. Attending the conference, with the talks, workshops and industry one to ones is a real experience, one I would highly recommend.

While I’m working on my third novel, the first may never see the light of day and my second is out with publishers, I have had many short stories published at home and abroad.

Has my life changed in the last three years? Yes it most definitely has. I haven’t given up my day job, the mortgage won’t allow that, but I eat, sleep and breathe writing. I take it very seriously. My novel writing is no longer just for me, I want to be published and I want to write for a living. To earn a living doing something you enjoy must be wonderful.

My son pushed me, Elaine and her students welcomed and encouraged me and there is no doubt in my mind that I would never have had the achievements, or the experiences that I’ve had, without them. I have a lot to be thankful for. That one phone call changed everything for me.

imagesIf there is something you want to achieve, bite the bullet and put yourself out there. With the Internet these days, you can find anything in minutes, so ask yourself is there anything you’d like to do. Yes it’s terrifying, but mixing with people that want to achieve the same as you is a wonderful feeling. We all need encouragement. Take the first steps and make that phone call, then the rest is up to you.

6 thoughts on “Elaine Bit The Bullet

    • Thank you Wendy, it was reading your post that made me think how my life has changed in the last three years. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of the RNA and in particularly the New Writers Scheme, although it is quite scary having someone look at your work but it is how we grow as writers. Elaine x

  1. What a journey you’ve had, Elaine, and what a pleasure it’s been to travel with you. You are totally dedicated to your writing…you don’t just talk about it, you do it and your output is astonishing, the more so because you are at the same time holding down a full time job. I hope you have good news from those publishers very soon. Your son has a lot to answer for – in the best possible way.

    • Thank you Natalie, you words are too kind. I try hard and I’m obviously full of self doubt, as I assume everyone is at times but as they say “you have to be in it to win it”. You’re right my son does have a lot to answer for, what was an interest has turned into an obsession but i love it. I certainly appreciate all the help and encouragement I have been given along the way.
      Elaine x

  2. Your son is very shrewd. He saw what you wanted to do and was the catalyst to start you on what you’d always wanted to do, but the rest has been all your achievement, and your strong sense of purpose has brought it all about. Best of luck.

  3. Thank you Angela, it’s very kind of you to say so. I do try hard but if I’m honest my writing will never be on parr with your wonderful literary writing. I look forward to hearing you have been published soon. Elaine x

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