New Beginnings

Elaine and Francesca look forward to Easter and the chance for New Beginnings.

Elaine: The first short story I had published, almost two years ago to the day, was called New Beginnings and it certainly was for me.

I attended a writing class for six months, mainly because I wanted to write a novel, but was also encouraged to write short stories as well. I didn’t have a clue where to start or if I could write a story that was only two thousand words long. I wrote a couple but never sent them off. good-news-300x225To be honest, I couldn’t believe anyone would want to buy a story I had written, but I was wrong. The day the e-mail came from the magazine, saying they wanted to buy my story, is a day that will stick in my memory forever. I was alone in the house when it arrived. I read the three-line e-mail several times before it sunk in. Someone did want to buy my story. I ran up and down my front room, cheering and waving my hands in the air. Anyone passing my front room window would have thought I was a lunatic. My heart was pounding. Taking a deep breath, I dialed my husband’s work number but he was in a meeting. I tried ringing my son but he didn’t answer his phone. I rung my daughter and she was unlucky enough to be the person that answered. It has to be said that she didn’t understand a word I was saying.

My story was a about an elderly lady who had lost her husband five years earlier.IMG_1018 The garden had become neglected and it was something they had cared for together, but the time had come for her to get her life back on track. What is surprising is I originally wanted to write a story around visiting a garden centre, but actually that was how it ended.

That story was truly a new beginning for me as my published short stories are now in double figures. My love will always be my novels and I have completed three now, two of which will probably never see the light of day, but the third, a modern romance, has potential. I’m now writing my fourth, which is a historical saga. This is a totally new adventure for me or possibly another new beginning.


Francesca: Like Elaine, I’ve had a story published called New Beginnings, though they changed the title to A New A New Beg story WNews smBeginning. It was the second story I had published and, in itself, could be said to be part of a new beginning for me, as a published writer.

The story was about a woman who ended up doing the same things for her local community and with her family every Easter, things they always expected her to do, but never anything she really wanted to do. It’s about how she breaks out of the rut and asserts herself. The tale was based on my own experience, though exaggerated for literary effect.

Spring is my favourite season and I particularly love April and May, with its blossom and bright, bourgeoning leaves, the fluffy chicks, downy ducklings and cute little lambs. There is the promise of lighter evenings and the weather’s gradually getting warmer, but not as hot and muggy as in the summer.


‘A host of golden daffodils’. Taken today, just down the road from where I live.

This week I’ve seen at least four bumble bees, their fat, furry bodies buzzing round the nascent flowers. Earlier today I even saw a butterfly, a clouded yellow, on my way for a walk in the nearby meadow. Soon that will be exploding with the colour of its myriad wild flowers.

Lighter days, brighter colours, warmer weather: what’s not to like? I always feel better this time of the year, after the long, dragging winter. It seems to kick start my body and I get more done. Kind of like, well, a new beginning!


12 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. You’ve both gone from strength to strength since those joy filled moments when your work was deemed worthy. Well done.

    • Thank you Moya, I do agree with Francesca, we couldn’t have got there without the encouragement of friends and family. I certainly wouldn’t have sent it off if I hadn’t been so scared of telling Elaine Everest I hadn’t done it. I know I definitely owe a big thank you to her and other members of the Write Place. Elaine

  2. Enjoyable blog, Elaine and Francesca. I do think the concept of new beginnings is interesting. We do need the stimulus and momentum of change in our lives: whether symbolic or actual. We all need to move forward at times in our lives. It is so easy to live unchanging, static, lives seeking sanctuary in the familiar, and being nostalgic for the past. Life is about taking risks, welcoming what is new and different. As writers we should constantly challenge ourselves, even if we have to leave behind what is comfortable and secure.

    • Thank you Angela, it means a lot that you, and others, are enjoying the blog. I’m challenging myself now by moving away from a modern romance to a historical saga. I spent all day yesterday in an archive centre, it was quite exhausting but definitely a worth while exercise. As you say it’s all about moving forward in life. I hope your writing is moving on. Elaine

    • That’s incredible Wendy, not just the same title but the same time period as well, I feel a lot has happened in that time and I know your writing is going from strength to strength so I wish you well and look forward to reading your novel. Elaine

    • It seems to be a popular title, Wendy! My story was called New Beginnings before the mag changed it (not for the first or last time!). I love Easter too as it always feels like the beginning of something exciting.

  3. I agree Natalie. It is interesting when people chat because you tend to think you are the only one going through the agony of writing and everyone else sails through without any problems. I am learning all the time but fingers crossed the persistence will pay off. Elaine

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