I’m So Excited…

Elaine brings her dream to life.

Happy Easter everyone, I can tell you I have never wanted Easter to arrive so much as this year. I hope you are shouting, or at least wondering, why.

I have finally been given the opportunity to stop working for someone else and embark on my second career as a full time writer.

A spare bedroom has been converted into an office for me; a white board has been put on the wall, in my line ofIMG_0943 vision. I can leave my work sprawled out and shut the door on it ready for the next day. There are no excuses now. There is no hiding behind work commitments. Will I finally be found out or will I succeed in getting my novels published. This opportunity is a dream come true for me and I intend to grab it with both hands and not let it pass me by.
Of course, my dream has taken on a life of its own. Not only am I hoping to become published with my novels, I already aIMG_0942m with my short stories, but I’m also hoping to lose a couple of stone in weight. No, the two aren’t connected but the office where I worked always had lots of biscuits and
cakes, so with the temptation being removed, I’m hoping the fat will follow suit, but I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Do I have a plan? Indeed I do. My day will be structured as if I am still leaving the house to go to work, only not as early. I write best in the morning because a half an hour siesta is always welcome in the afternoon, that’s probably due to spending many years living in Cyprus. The idea will be to set a word count for the day; however, if I’m in the zone then I will continue to write. When that is completed, I will plan the writing for the following day. I still have to write approximately 40,000 words before my novel target of 100,000 words is completed, I would say it’s a first draft but it isn’t, although it will still need editing.IMG_0946

My excitement can be tempered with fear of the unknown and the hard work that is ahead of me, but the difference is I will be doing something I love. It just goes to show if you plan, prepare and keep the dream alive, anything is possible. The next step is to carry that dream to the next level. Plan, prepare and keep the dream of publication alive.

Share your secret dreams with us. If you could give up work and do anything, what would you do, other than watch daytime television?


11 thoughts on “I’m So Excited…

  1. So excited for you, Elaine, as I know how much you’ve been looking forward to this day. I think you’re very sensible giving yourself a word count target each day as it’s easy to fritter away time. I find the hardest part is saying ‘no’ once people realise you’re around in the daytime. I’m very bad at that… it’s amazing how quickly the calendar can get filled up with unwriterly things!

    • Thank you Wendy. I’m the same as you at saying no, many years ago I took an assertive training for women course but I’m still soft. I wouldn’t change it though. The one thing that is in my favour is I’m an early riser, well I am at the moment. I’m looking forward to not being so tired and not having to juggle so many things. I now you have done exceptionally well at embracing you writing career so I’m hoping to follow your example.

  2. The day has finally arrived! It’s been exciting to join in with the countdown each week and listen as you (and Dave) plan your future. You deserve to succeed and I’m sure it is only a matter of time now. I’m very proud of you! xx

    • Thank you for such kind words. I have had a good teacher and I do try to embrace all the advice you have given us all. I believe you never stop learning and as such I will always be open to listening and trying things to improve my writing.
      Elaine R x

  3. If hard work helps anyone achieve their goals then you are the person to do so, but sometimes hard work isn’t enough. However, your success with your short stories and those parts of your novels we have been privileged to share prove that, as well as being dedicated, you also have the talent. I look forward to the next part of your journey. You are living the dream.

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