The End of an Era: Fishguard/Caerleon Summer Writers’ Holiday

Francesca waves a fond farewell to the summer Writers’ Holiday in Fishguard and takes a trip down memory lane

During my stay at the Writers’ Holiday in Fishguard this July, I was very sad to learn that it would be the last such summer event. I’ve attended the summer Writers’ Holiday every year since 2008, when it was still being held in Caerleon. It switched venues in 2014. Here, in no particular order, (apart from vaguely chronological) are some photo memories, some of the venue, some of the area, some of trips during the ‘holiday’ (we all used to work jolly hard, honestly!). Some people seem to be missing from my photos, and some years I can’t locate at all, for which I apologise.  I’m not putting names to anybody, but if you spot yourself in a photo, or you have your own memories of the Writers’ Holiday, feel free to leave a comment. 

Huge thanks, as always, to Anne and Gerry Hobbs for all the hard work and devotion they put into the event over the thirty plus years – for all the courses, after-teas, talks, trips out, pick-ups, choir evenings and everything else they and their family organised. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, hwyl fawr. Though of course, it’s not entirely the end…



…No, it’s not the end of Writers’ Holiday altogether, as the February weekend event will still be running. It will now also  feature the wonderful Cwmbach Male Choir, who’ve entertained us all these years at the summer event. More details here.



7 thoughts on “The End of an Era: Fishguard/Caerleon Summer Writers’ Holiday

    • It was lovely reliving the different years, though I definitely seem to have mislaid quite a few, including the ones with Elaine Roberts in! Btw you are in one of the pictures too, if you haven’t noticed.

  1. A lovely dedication to that wonderful institution: The Writers’ Holiday. Thank you, Francesca.
    I must admit to feeling ‘tipyn o hiraeth’ ( a bit sad) that it’s come to an end, but I can’t help but think that there’s a always a place in my heart for the shabby old Fishguard Bay Hotel, and the Caerleon student rooms, with their eternally soggy ‘en- suites’, but most of all for all those lovely people, some of whom, may, with embellishments, have found their way, not just into our hearts, but into our writing as well.

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