Publication Day and Competition Time!

Francesca celebrates the paperback publication of her Valleys novels with a competition

Today I’m utterly delighted to report that my first two Valleys novels, Heartbreak in the Valleys and War in the Valleys are published in paperback today. It’s been lovely seeing them as ebooks, and, in the case of Heartbreak, hearing it as an audio, but there’s still something special about holding a paper book in you hands.

Back in World War 1, when the books are set, they would have been amazed at ebook technology.  I wonder what my imaginary bookseller, Mr Schenck, would have had to say about it, though being a philosophical sort, he’d probably have taken it in his stride.  All the same, he may well have been relieved at the opportunity to sell a physical copy.

To celebrate the paperback publications, there are two chances this week to win copies of both novels in competitions over on my Facebook author page. The first one is up from today. All you have to do is like or follow the author page, then answer a simple question on the thread.  You’ll find the thread HERE

Good luck, or as Anwen and Violet might say, pob lwc!

Buying links
Heartbreak in the Valleys:

Amazon              Kobo              Apple

War in the Valleys:

Amazon              Kobo              Apple






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