Elaine Roberts – The Woman Behind The Words

It’s strange how life works out, inadvertently, I have become a firm believer in fate.

While I was at school, I wanted to be an actress or a drama teacher but that fell by the wayside when I was fourteen, when my father, a member of the armed forces, was posted to Hanover, Germany. There was no school place available for a year so I fell into working in the Navy, Army, Air Force Institute (NAAFI) shop. Obviously, when a school place became available, I’d worked for nearly a year and had no interest in going to school and in true “I know it all” teenage style, I didn’t and my working life began. While I stopped work to have my children, all my working life has been in a customer-focussed environment. I’ve held my current position for fifteen years, which is a record for me. I’ve always had a creative itch that was scratched through various forms of needlework and reading endless books, it never occurred to me to become a writer, although I always wrote for my own pleasure.


Growing up in the forces and moving around every couple of years, I’ve lost track of the number of schools I attended but it’s taught me to be adaptable and only rely on myself. I was born in Cyprus and we were lucky to return there when I was nine, I spent three wonderful years living in the sun, such great memories. I live in Kent now and have done for eighteen years. I love my home; it’s my haven from the mad world we live in. I have lived with my husband for twenty one years and I’m one of the lucky ones that found true love the second time around. He is very supportive in everything I do. There’s no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t achieve what I do without him.

Our children are all grown, there are five in all, and I have one grandchild who is adored by everyone. When my children were young, I would have bitten your hand off to live by the coast or a river, I’m always drawn to water, but I’d hate to live too far away from my family now. My family will always come first and in my mind, there is nothing more important. I have great support from them all. As they’ve grown older, they’ve all discovered their creative itch and do various things to scratch it. My son was the instigator of my writing career, pushing me to follow my ambition seriously. He regularly discusses my writing with me and continually questions what I write. It’s very annoying, of that there is no doubt, but my writing is stronger because of it, but please don’t tell him I said that.

In the past, I’ve had lots of hobbies, sewing; crocheting; crosswords; reading; writing and watching crime programmes. When the hobbies are listed like that, I realise they are all solitary ones, perhaps that’s a result of moving around a lot as a child. Now I spend most of my free time writing, I’m looking forward to the time I can give up my day job to do the things I love.

At sixteen, I was shy and lacked confidence and truly thought I wasn’t worthy of love, let alone achieve anything at all, career wise, despite being an A grade pupil at school. If I could give my sixteen year old self some advice it would be, “You can be anything you want, if you work hard enough at it. Have faith and believe in yourself, don’t let other’s beliefs hold you back.”

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAIf I could invite two people to a dinner party it would be John Lennon and Margaret Thatcher, not for any political reasons, but because I would love to have conversations with them about their perseverance, determination and self-belief, to achieve what they believed was right, despite opposition.

Who would you invite for dinner and why?



6 thoughts on “Elaine Roberts – The Woman Behind The Words

  1. Lovely to hear more about you, Elaine – especially as we recently met for the first time. I too found that special love second time around, dote on my grandchildren and had no idea I’d be a writer!

  2. Maggie Smith and Stephen Fry. I have chosen living, larger than life characters that I adore. The conversation would be fodder for any writer and both have tapestries of life experiences. I of course would be taping every morsel. I also found there was someone for me second time around. He, my most significant other; also has wonderful stories. He will always be my toughest critic, and strongest motivator. Mind slides back to previous thought…Who knows maybe they will read this and take me up on my offer of dinner…Now you can clearly see why I write. Delusional, imaginative, hopeful and totally bonkers. Thank you for posting, I have enjoyed.

  3. I’m in the same position as you and Wendy. I have now been married for twenty-three years and my writing came out of the blue about thirteen years ago.
    You have a wonderful support system in your family, Elaine, and it’s a bonus that your son doesn’t pay lip service to your work but discusses your writing with you in such a constructive way.
    I love your reasons for your dinner invitations.

  4. I’m still with the ‘current Mr Everest’ but can appreciate how your life has changed – and a researcher into the bargain! You certainly led an interesting life as a child. If you manage to talk the ghost of Maggie to dine with you please include me in the invite!
    Elaine E.

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